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Meat on skewer in the garilla

In the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, there are not many dining options. Coal-strung meat seems to be the
arne ensartada a las brasas
07 January, 2020

A scene that can be repeated, walking through Mendoza, is that of being hungry when we walk in the mountains or in rough areas. This can be prevented, and with little. The important thing is to plan our getaway minimally. And get in the car or on the bike some small provisions that will make our departure a very pleasant moment. The example we cite here is to make a cut of soft meat in the sandwich style.

The day before we bought the meat. It is recommended veined or quadril loin, and cut into Beef-shaped. Two per person will be enough. To this we add a little bread and something with what we want fill the sandwich as lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. While the unfailing element It’s the skewer. This can be bought at hardware stores, or else, it can be improvised with wire . It important is that it has a tip and is hard to support the weight of the meat.

Let’s get to work

Already on our way to our destination we can go to the way to go collecting branches, firewood and any combustible material that serves to cook our food. Al arrive we must look for a sector of the land that is well arid, away from all kinds of vegetation. On Earth we put the branches, logs and firewood. We turn on the fire and we put together a small and simple structure of two stones that are higher than the heat source. We go through. the meat with the skewer and we can lean it on the stones or, if we have you win and we can alternate the task, we hold it by hand, while we go Rotating.

The key to taste is the jarilla. It is a typical plant of Mendoza, which grows in the foothills and throughout the mountainous area . It grows in the form of a shrub and has many very small leaves. Its aroma is characteristic and, logically, impossible to describe. Although some compare it to the “smell of rain”. The truth is that here we recommend taking some branches of jarilla, provided that it is a dry and already dead plant. Throw them on the fire and thus give a unique flavor to our food.

The cooking time will depend on our taste, if we prefer drier or juicier meat, and also how close we bring the food into the heat of the flames, or to the same coals. In any case, it is a fast cooking, not more than 20 minutes.

The rest is known. Meat between breads, mayonnaise and whatever you want to add.

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