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Arabic dishes on the table

Arab cuisine has spread throughout the world over the years. Mendoza is no exception. Here, what is offered.
| 09 February, 2020 |

Arabic food is very rich in colors, flavors and textures. In fact, it is considered one of the most exquisite and particular cuisines in the world . It is characterized by a very specific work, very careful, to be able to achieve the flavors that one wants. For that , hands are used as the main culinary tool.

In Mendoza there are some restaurants internationally distinguished by the level of its gastronomy. But you can not only taste these flavors in shops, but every time there are more families who venture out and are encouraged to cook these recipes. Here are some details of one of the most common. A paste that will be serves as an entrance and the Mendoza are encouraged, too, to try it in their homes.


It is a meal also known as chickpea paste. It is based on chickpeas, spices, oil and lemon. In addition, it has tahimi, which is a sesame paste, which is obtained by roasting sesame seeds and then processing them. This is added to the preparation, which, precisely, accompanies Arab food.

In Mendoza there is also a lot of sfixes. They are a very characteristic dish of Arab countries, especially Syria and Lebanon .

For Arabs, the food has a very prominent social place. It’s the time when the family is meeting. The Arabic table in general is very colorful, has many dishes . AND, usually, most meals are also eaten by hand, especially the Syrian and Lebanese line.

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