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Fibers that are woven near the sky

The height of the implantation of the vineyards is on everyone's lips. And it is important to understand what its
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| 04 September, 2019 |

Argentina , being close to the Equator line, generates more maturefruits with a lot of sugar in the grains (unlike other production areas known worldwide as Burgundy, Rioja or Napa Valley), and this translates into more alcoholic wines with low acidity.

This is where height comes into play, allowing a correction of these factors with a direct relationship between height, sugar and acidity.

Every 100 meters rise the temperature drops approximately 1°C and thus achieve a more balanced maturity of the grapes. Also, as you climb the soils are poorer and stony and give less vigorous plants with more concentrated grapes, since the skin becomes thicker and that generates a greater concentration of aromas, structure and color.

The extreme thermal amplitude has a high level of incidence in the growth of the plant. During the day the vine works in a warm climate that helps it to mature and during the night, when the temperature drops, produces aromas, thus preserving its freshness and natural acidity.

Tapestry Winery is located in the Finca San Pablo del Valle de Uco, 1350 meters above sea level, and is characterized by cold nights, due to the proximity of the mountain range and the altitude, giving wines of great intensity in color, aroma and structure.

Tapestry Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon is made with grapes from his Finca and has a passage through French and American oak barrels for 13 months, which adds well integrated notes of vanilla, chocolate and a delicate spicy note.

Intense red colour. Delicate aromas of fresh red fruits, ripe plums, jams and cassis. On the palate, its tannins are firm, but sweet and kind. It is a balanced wine with great ageing potential.

In the embroidered tapestry of flavors, colors and aromas offered by our wines, we will now add also the height, the terroir and the thermal amplitude.

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