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The Gramajo Scramble.

18 April, 2018

Another classic of Argentine cuisine, which, as it could not be otherwise, has more than one story about its creation. One of them tells that it was born from the hand of the brothers Arturo and Horacio Gramajo, known sons of the night of Buenos Aires, in the disappeared restaurant Rio Bamba.

There is even a version, but of a novel, by Félix Luna, which the historian himself repeated a thousand times that it was only fiction: in 1880, Santiago colonel Artemio Gramajo, Julio Argentino Roca’s assistant, created it in the El Progreso club, among card games.

Today, it’s prepared like this:


French fries, 500 gr
Ham slices, 200 gr
Peas, 200 gr
Creamy cheese, 200 gr.
Six Eggs
A red bell pepper
A green onion
A clove of garlic

Cut the potatoes finely and fry them in hot oil. I beat the eggs and set them aside. Chop the garlic well and sauté with the bell pepper and onion. Cut the ham into julienne and add it, with the peas.

Cut the cheese into cubes and put everything together in a bowl (egg, chips, sweet pepper/green/ham and cheese). Sauté everything together in a hot wok or frying pan.

Thank whomever it may concern for its creation.

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