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Semitas, the faithful companions of the mate sanjuanino

Semitas with chicharrón are a homemade bread preparation that always accompanies mate or coffee in homes in San Juan.
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| 06 February, 2020 |

Semites with chicharrón are an iconic food of the Sanjuaninos. We could say they’re included in his DNA. It is a pancake — or omelette, as it is known in other provinces — that always accompanies mate or coffee. Infaltable in a homemade breakfast or snack. It is also very popular in other provinces such as Catamarca, La Rioja and Mendoza.

But let’s go to the important thing, to the ingredients and to the preparation:


  • 1 kilogram of flour 000
  • 30 grams of wet yeast or a sachet of dry yeast
  • 20 grams of salt
  • 400 cc of melted peel fat
  • 400 grams of greaves
  • Warm water to absorb the preparation


  1. Place the sifted flour with the salt. We set up a volcano and leave it ready for the next step.
  2. Perform the ferment with warm water, add one tablespoon of flour and one of sugar. Now we have to let go.
  3. With the pella fat we make the greaves and the remaining fat we add to the semites while they are warm.
  4. We’re going back to the volcano. We incorporate yeast, fat and 100 cc of warm water. We begin to mix and knead all the ingredients. Possibly we need to add more water, the dough should be full-bodied, not hard, but soft and light, but full-bodied.
  5. Let the dough rise until its size doubles. At that moment we must incorporate the greaves and resume the task of kneading and mixing.
  6. We separate dumplings and put together small buns. The exact size does not exist, we define it to taste. We crush the bun and let it take cover.
  7. The Semites are almost ready. Put them in a dish and put them in the oven at about 200° for 20 or 30 minutes.

Now we do have the semites with greaves ready to accompany our mate or coffee. If you’re from San Juan, you probably knew how to prepare them. If you are from another province, now you have the recipe to add the Semites with Cracks to your matted.

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