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Blueberry Pudding

A classic on Saturday afternoons
Cakes and pastries
| 24 February, 2020 |

When I was a girl no one cooked with blueberries in these latitudes, except my grandmother born in the northern hemisphere who kept some recipes that I could not do in Argentina because I could not find blueberries. Luckily now if you get them and I could make this and make it a classic on Saturday afternoons. Dedicated to my grandmother Oma goes the blueberry pudding.

Blueberry Pudding

Number of servings: 10 to 15

Difficulty: medium

Time: 50 minutes


– Butter, 125 grs.

– Impalpable sugar, 200 grs.

– Essence of vanilla, 1 tbsp.

– Eggs, 3 u

– Flour, 230 grs.

– Baking powder, 10 grs.

– Milk, 50 ml

– Fresh blueberries, 50 grs.

– Cornstarch (corn flour), 30 grs.

– For the pudding box:

– Butter, 10 grs.

– Impalpable sugar, 2 tbsp. soupspoons


Beat the butter with the icing sugar until it forms a cream.

Add the vanilla essence, two eggs, half the sifted flour and the baking powder.

Mix until unified and then add the remaining milk, egg and flour. Mix again until a uniform cream is formed.

Stir and add the previously washed blueberries and sprinkled with icing sugar and cornstarch.

Place in a 30 cm. long pudding box, previously spread with butter and sprinkled with impalpable sugar (yes, in impalpable sugar!).

Cook for 30 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

Serve sprinkled with icing sugar.

Tip to play with the flavors:

This pudding looks great with blueberries because its slight acidity contrasts with sweet dough and sugar, but you can also try with apple pieces, it is spectacular with chocolate sparks, raisins, walnuts or other fresh or dried fruits.

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