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At the height of the circumstance

In this Syrah the height, geographical layout and temperature, manage to express the best attributes of the Calchaquíes Valleys.
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Syrah de estilo elegante
| 06 October, 2019 |

Photosynthesis of the vine occurs optimally between 25 and 35 degrees. This is the process where the leaf receives the sun’s rays to transform them into chemical energy, generating sugars and carbohydrates that sends to the clusters, to the trunk and roots.

In addition, through the same leaves transpiration occurs, where the plant loses water by evaporation to regulate its temperature. All this, occurs in perfect balance. But what can happen if the temperature is placed above 35 degrees? What would happen would be what is called “heat stroke”, altering the normal functioning of theplant.

With heat stroke, the respiration of the plantincreases and photosynthesis decreases. And in doing so, there is a decrease in the production of sugars. The vine goes into stress and directs the available sugars to the trunk and roots, not to the ripening clusters, which stop their growth, are smaller and weigh less. The effect on the harvest can be very serious.

Salta is crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn. In these areas, due to the high and constant temperatures, winesare not made. However, as you climb, the temperature drops at a rate of one degree centigrade every 180 meters. The Calchaquíes Valleys are about 2,000 meters high, a situation that makes that latitude is offset by height.

On the one hand, the height generates extraordinary thermal differentials which is an ideal condition for the maturation of tannins in the wines. And on the other hand, the great insolation generates greater intensities coloring and, in addition to the ambient dryness, slightly dehydrates the grapes, causing an effect of concentration of the substances in the grape grain, and returning the wines concentrated and full-bodied.

Thanks to the qualities of the soil and unique climatic conditions, Salta wines have notes of ripe fruit, jams and certain aromas spicy. Alcoholic graduations tend to be high (14 degrees), as the grapes are waiting for proper maturity. They are thick and fleshy wines with great explosion in the mouth.

Bodega Etchart was founded in 1850, in Cafayate. Five wine lines are produced there and among them, the Cafayate Reserva stands out.

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