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Ancelotta, a seductive Italian

A new excuse to continue tasting and tasting Argentine wine.
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Bodega Viña Las Perdices
22 August, 2019

With varieties of strains that multiply by hundreds, in Argentina one is harvested that is very interesting.

Ancellotta is native to Emilia-Romagna, in the north of Italy, where it is grown for the elaboration of blends, used in cuts up to 15% with Sangiovese or Lambrusco for its deep colour and a wine called Rossisimo is obtained.

Both as varietal or in cut wines, Ancellotta is a strain that meets the characteristics to seduce the Argentine palate . It is quite a variety susceptible to field diseases, and also frost, which requires special care by the viticulturist.

On the other hand, it has good resistance to wind and rain. The cluster of Ancellotta is medium in size, shaped like a pyramid. Berries are small, bluish-black.

It is a grape that has a high concentration of anthocyanans, thus producing very pigmented wines. Other characteristics of the wine produced with Ancellotta is the fruity character; of good -though moderate- acidity and ripe tannins .

Bodega Viña Las Perdices is characterized by its different and creative proposals, which demonstrate the personal style of its Winemaker, Ing. Juan Carlos Muñoz, who recently added to his team Ing. Fernando Losilla, to add his experience in the production of high-end wines.

Ala Colorada Ancellotta is a wine from Agrelo that aged in wood for 15 months in new oak barrels: 50% French oak and 50% American oak. The wine has a deep red colour, with bluish tones. The nose shows intense aromas of red fruits, jams and dried figs combined with notes of tobacco and chocolate. On the palate it is voluminous, with good attack and a well balanced structure with ripe tannins, where the notes of fruitare harmoniously combined and the contributions of wood.

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