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All to the pot

Although it is more winter, meat a la olla, in Mendoza, is eaten all year round. Meat carries safe; the
la carne a la olla, en Mendoza, se come durante todo el año.
27 November, 2019

This type of food is always related to the times winter weather and low temperatures. They’re caloric and full of energy. No however, so typical is the meat to the pot in Mendoza that should not be surprised if, in full December and with 33 degrees of temperature, appears on the table of some family a pot with meat, vegetables and seasonings.

It is a meal that does not find a definitive recipe. As mentioned above, the only unfailing ingredient is meat. For the rest, we shouldn’t worry. There is no manual to respect. It’s comfortable and, of course, everyone’s pocket. Thus, we can find meat in the pot accompanied by potatoes, onions, carrots and not much more. Or, you can appreciate a meat in the pot accompanied by fine and aromatic herbs with potatoes, carrots, onions, pepper, dried tomatoes, chickpeas, etc. Likewise, the food, in general, will be the same.

Ingredients and recipe

As for the ingredients, we need beef (it can be loin cut, Russian roast, turtlefish or popcorn), carrots, onions, garlic, vegetable broth, white wine, salt, pepper, chili pepper, oregano and paprika.

Then let’s get to work. Cut the vegetables, leave the garlic whole, and brown in a large saucepan. Add the meat and rotate until it is sealed. We add seasonings, broth and half a liter of white wine. We leave on medium heat for 30 minutes. Then we add a little more of the wine (half more or less of what we have left) and let it boil. After cooking time (it should be allowed a long time for the meat to be tender), we add the rest of the wine to it and leave it for 15 minutes. Then we serve, and enjoy a traditional and exquisite food of the Cuyana land. Of course, accompanied by a good wine.

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