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A Mendoza in a Michelin star

The mendocino sommelier who works in a restaurant in Galicia with a Michelin star tells us about the need to
Wines & sparkling wines
El mendocino sommelier que trabaja en un restaurante de Galicia
06 July, 2019

Daniel Marín is a sommelier mendocino, from San Rafael; who left for Galicia to develop his career. Today, based in Ourense, he is the sommelier of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

This is the summary of the talk he had with El Oh ,Malbec.

Where are you developing your career as a room manager and Sommelier?
The restaurant is called Nova is located in the center of Ourense . It is a life project
of two cousins Daniel Guzmán and Julio Sotomayor. Young chefs with a lot of experience and talent, awarded with a Michelinstar. Only restaurant in town with this distinction.

What is the job?
I am Waiter. Profession of which I am very proud to play. And privileged to do the job I like best. That is taking care of every detail to make our guests happy.

I organize the room so that everything is impeccable by the time our customers arrive. Winery, wine cellar, pairings and organization of the team.
I receive each of our clients at the door. I’ll walk you to your table. I give you the letter with our tastings. Explaining the elaborations of our cooks as well as the advice of wines and pairings.

A great demand

How is a Michelin star restaurant and what is your demand?
It’s to be

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