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3 recipes with fruits

Fruits are a rich element to add to many cocktails. They do not necessarily make them softer. They add new
Las frutas son un rico elemento para agregar a muchos cócteles.
| 04 October, 2019 |

Spring began and is the ideal time to consume fruit. And why not think about rich fruit cocktails? Even some non-alcoholic.

Lime Mojito

This cocktail is prepared in its own bowl: in an 8-ounce glass a teaspoon of sugar put two sprigs of good yerba.

Macerate against the walls of the glass, in order to obtain the refreshing juice of the plant. Without crushing, remove the macerated stems. Fill up to 3/4 parts of the glass with ice, a few drops of lemon, 1oz of white rum 40 degrees. Complete the glass with water, beat with the spiral spoon. Decorate with new branches, intruding them into the glass.

Vodka with passion fruit

In a bowl, add the vodka and passion fruit. Blend for a few minutes. Add sugar and lemons. Blend a couple more minutes. In the meantime, to refresh the glasses, I added the ice rocks and set aside.

Serve the vodka cocktail with passion fruit in each of the glasses. And decorate with a slice of lemon and a teaspoon of fruit pulp.

San Francisco without alcohol

We fill the shaker up to half with ice cubes. We add orange, peach and pineapple juices. What’s important is proportion. We shake well for 30 seconds.

We put in one dish sugar and in another dish grenadine. We pass the edge of the glass first through the grenadine and then through the sugar. So that the edge of the glass is frosted with both.

In the previously frosted Collins glass, add the mixture of the shaker. Pour the teaspoon of grenadine quickly so that it goes to the bottom and forms a gradient effect of colors.

We cut a triangular fraction of the orange slice and nail it to the edge of the glass, into a swordstick. We put the cherry by passing it through the hole and pushing it a little.

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