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Argentine Wines
Vino España Spain: they produce malbec on the other side of the Atlantic, but with the same Argentine passion Author: Redacción

From the Andes Mountains to the Mediterranean Sea, climate changes, accents,...

Sólo malbec Malbec Day: the other part of its history Author: Darío Le Bihan

To continue to know the variety that represents us in the world.

Copa Let's have a glass of malbec Author: Darío Le Bihan

The pleasure of enjoying a great strain. Learn to taste the emblem wine of Ar...

Malbec To understand malbec in its day Author: Darío Le Bihan

In this note you will know the historical evolution of the emblem strain of A...

Bonarda Bonarda: the underworld of a grape Author: Darío Le Bihan

The bonarda was always anonymously on our table.

donas Wine donuts Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Wine is our favorite drink. Therefore, Mendoza has multiple recipes using it...

Scotti Wines Great Delirio: a wine without turns Author: Darío Le Bihan

“Great delirium, ours, of making wines that fall in love, to circumvent time...

Mariano Ruszaj Sommelier Author: Redacción

By Mariano Ruszaj

Cava La Carmela Dom Perignon: a story that was born in the 17th century and transcends borders Author: Darío Le Bihan

Dom Pierre Perignon was responsible for the fact that sparkling wines exist t...

mermelada 3 recipes with rhubarb Author: Octavio Del Real

We already tell you how rhubarb came to Patagonia. Now we show you how to tas...

Cicchitti A faithful companion Author: Darío Le Bihan

Sangiovese: a strain from a past with glory in our country and a scarce topic...

Don Manuel Villafañe Mapuches cahuines coming to the cup Author: Darío Le Bihan

A winery that focuses on the elaboration of grapes, harvested in low producti...


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