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tucumanos A gift from Tucuman musicians Author: Leopoldo Silva

Several musicians from Tucuman gave away a production where they connect from...

Stories of people
cuarteto The school of the quartet Author: Bianca Ruggia

In quarantine, teachers no longer know what to do to get kids on and do homew...

Stories of people
Roberto The dream of a grandfather Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Roberto is a grandfather who had not been able to meet his first great-grands...

Hermanas The cueca cuyana that breaks it on YouTube Author: Exequiel Nacevich

The Abraham Sisters work hard in quarantine. So, they uploaded a video of the...

Cascini Raúl Cascini and another expulsion Author: Roberto Morcillo

Raúl Cascini had an unfortunate turnout that aroused the anger of much of the...

La Película que no elegimos The film we didn't choose Author: Gabriela Saavedra

With Norma Aleandro, the Argentine Society of Actors Management (SAGAI) relea...

Popi-Tass I discovered Popi Tass' hidden songs Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Popi Tasss is an artist who captivates with her sweet voice. He just released...

Yendo de la cama al living Going from bed to living room Author: Exequiel Nacevich

That's how we're quarantined: going from bed to living room. Amusing, Mendoza...

Seguir cantando Keep singing in spite of everything Author: Bianca Ruggia

The world has to continue singing, in spite of everything, and always bring g...

Mendoza en casa 6 luxury artists online Author: Exequiel Nacevich

As part of a “Mendoza en casa” initiative, local artists presented a free onl...

Che vos “Che, vos”: the sequel to “Supón” Author: Gabriela Saavedra

After releasing a video with the Argentinian version of “Imagine”, Tamara Bel...

Hermanas Abraham The Abraham Sisters released a new video clip Author: Exequiel Nacevich

It premiered on YouTube and social media. The video of “Ay es Tunuyán” had gr...

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