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Stories of people
comerciante-de-montaña Mountain merchant Author: Exequiel Nacevich

That's how Lucas is defined. He arrived at the age of 5 in El Salto (Mendoza)...

Solidarity fingerprint
Hospice The House of Hope Author: Marcelo Leonardi

Get to know the great work of the San Camilo hospice. The House of Hope: wher...

Stories of people
Brote The Secret of Mount Kent Author: Marcelo Leonardi

The Battle of Mount Kent in Malvinas left something Argentine to life in the...

As we are
Patagonia They say that in the south you live better Author: Laura Exposito

What's true about this famous phrase? Life in the south is pink? Do the Patag...

Stories of people
correr-para-vivir Running to live Author: Exequiel Nacevich

This is the case of a family whose mother understood that running allows her...

pesca-de-dorado-rio-hondo The fishing of the gold, a unique experience Author: Adrian Farina

In the Termas del Río Hondo one of the most frequent activities is fishing, a...

All environment
Rosario-Sta-fe Rosario opens its access to the river taking care of the environment Author: Pablo Arrizabalaga

Rosario works to comply with its Strategic Plan for Sustainability and Care o...

Día-de-los-Santos-Difuntos Santos Deceptos, a different tradition in Jujuy Author: Adrian Farina

The Day of the Dead Saints in Jujuy is lived in a different way. Death is not...

Stories of people
Una-lección-de-vida A lesson in life Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Amputado, he plays football and crossed Chile by bike. “It is essential to lo...

The worst thing about us
La-importancia-de-cuidar-la-vida-humana The importance of caring for human life Author: Hipolito Azema

Let us not wait to lose it in order to value human life, especially that of t...

mascota Wanting a dog... Author: Redacción

Wanting a dog does not mean choosing which one you like best because of its p...

vida urbana What is urban life? Author: rrecondo

What scale to measure happiness in a city?

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