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Unse Virtual birthday for the University of Santiago Author: Leopoldo Silva

UNSE celebrates its 47th anniversary. From the University they invited studen...

Santafesinos-buscan-la-vacuna Santafesinos seek the vaccine Author: Julio De Martini

Researchers from Santa Fe join the many in the world, working to develop the...

Cerebro The brain Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Pepe Sánchez stood out for his intellectual capacity on and off the court. On...

Argentines around the world
Lu Pandemia A santafesina where the pandemic was born Author: Julio De Martini

A Santafesina student was on exchange in China when the coronavirus went off....

As we are
ciudad-de-estudiantes Student City Author: Julio De Martini

Santa Fe has a great youth move. Students from the interior of the province,...

UNL Distance students Author: Julio De Martini

Santa Fe, a city of students as few, adapts to the situation and its educatio...

universidad-del-litoral Restoration of an emblem Author: Julio De Martini

Learn about the restoration of the Rectorate of the UNL, one of the most impo...

As we are
Intercambio-universidad Santa Fe to the Mexican Author: Julio De Martini

The look of a Mexican student who lived a semester in the city. Prejudices an...

As we are
Salta-Perro Animal protection grows in Salta Author: Adrian Farina

Animal protection in Salta ceased to be an activist's task. Municipalities, u...

The worst thing about us
egresado-cordobés-que-celebró-su-recibida-disfrazándose-de-víctima-de-femicidio. A graduate of the patriarchy Author: Bianca Ruggia

The analysis of the episode of the Cordovan graduate who celebrated his recep...

nAsa Young people competed at NASA with their project Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Students designed a submarine for the collection of small debris in the ocean...

gírgolas-gastronómicas-ok- Produce gastronomic goyles from forest waste Author: Adrian Farina

Forest waste is one of Corrientes's biggest problems. A group of college stud...

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