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PORTADA HISTORIA (31) Defeat Author: Sergio Prudencstein

Argentina was the protagonist of fierce civil wars. In 1814.20 and 27, succes...

PORTADA P HISTORIA(29) The humour of Father Castañeda Author: Sergio Prudencstein

Political satire can be cruel. However, it is a way of understanding free exp...

cropped-PORTADA-P-HISTORIA27.jpg Argentina divided Author: Sergio Prudencstein

The country, once free of Spain, having taken shape, ended up fighting within...

grieta The crack does not exist Author: Bob Ventura

The rift is inherent in all mankind since we became civilization. The importa...

PORTADA  HISTORIA (19) The complex task of arming the First Patriotic Government Author: Sergio Prudencstein

Countless ideas crossed the thinking of revolutionaries in May 1810. But desp...

Not even for the May Revolution did we reach an agreement Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Maybe what they tell us about the May Revolution... it wasn't like that.

The thrill of being Argentine. Author: Bob Ventura

For those who come to meet us. And for ourselves, obvious. Because for a reas...

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