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Loco Gatti “The madman” Gatti with coronavirus Author: Roberto Morcillo

Hugo Orlando “The Crazy” Gatti is infected with COVID 19. He got infected in...

As we are
Rivales-futlbol-santa-fe1 Santa Fe: City of Football Author: Julio De Martini

The classic Colon-Union. Curiosities of this football city, a passion that un...

Colón-orgullo-santafecino Columbus, Santafecino pride beyond passions Author: Pablo Arrizabalaga

Colón qualified in Brazil to 4000 people after a penalty definition, where he...

Macri-Fernandez Welcome to rationality Author: Redacción

Rationality must be part of our daily lives. We must add it to our passion. F...

Bidoglio asked for a steering wheel and a striker Author: Roberto Morcillo

“Not only did I give (to the leaders) the posts, I also gave them last names....

Art and Literature
A chunk of culture Author: lansaldo

"A free spirit that through his art reflects desires for peace and union".

As we are
I have asked so much of God.... Author: Marcos A Sanchez

I want to tell a short, endless story that allowed me to meet an extraordina...

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