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Ángel Paganelli The photo that saved the Historic House Author: Leopoldo Silva

Thanks to a man and a photo, the façade of the Historic House of Tucumán toda...

Art and Literature
Alfredo Gramajo Gutiérrez El tucumano que decora el despacho presidencial Author: Adrian Farina

El pintor tucumano, Alfredo Gramajo Gutiérrez, fue uno de los elegidos para d...

Casa de Tucumán Curiosities about our Independence Author: Leopoldo Silva

Like every July 9, Argentines celebrate a new anniversary of our independence...

As we are
Curiosidades de Tucumán Curiosities of Tucumán Author: Leopoldo Silva

Did you know that Tucumán celebrates the Sánguche Day of Milanesa? We tell yo...

Palermo What was the team that said no to Palermo? Author: Leopoldo Silva

25 years ago, a Tucuman team rejected Boca Martín Palermo's historic scorer....

As we are
Mandarina Winter and tangerines under the sun Author: Leopoldo Silva

Tucuman custom finds its place in the cold seasons, but sunny. The perfect co...

tucumanos A gift from Tucuman musicians Author: Leopoldo Silva

Several musicians from Tucuman gave away a production where they connect from...

Lamenns Is football moving north? Author: Leopoldo Silva

What seemed a strange idea is now taken into account by the Government. Matía...

Fiesta-del-queso Cheese has its feast in the valleys of Tucuman Author: Leopoldo Silva

In addition to being a delicacy from the north, cheese is celebrated with a l...

El-Cadillal To fall in love: The Cadillal from above Author: Leopoldo Silva

Strolling in steamers from the top of Mount Médici is one of the renewed tour...

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