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Patagonia-sendero-del-glaciar 3 best places to travel with teenage children Author: Miguel Cabrera

Argentina Patagonia has thousands of trails hidden in incredible environments...

Paraíso Camping in paradise Author: Sofi Haller

Are you passionate about camping? You have to go to Los Alerces Park. Lake, f...

Río Negro
Cajón-del-Azul 3 things you need to know to visit El Cajón del Azul Author: Sofi Haller

Planning a visit to the Baggins? This is the excursion. We tell you everythin...

Mendoza 3 activities you have to do this winter in Mendoza Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Because the quarantine, one day, is going to rise. Don't let him take you by...

Valle-Hermoso Beautiful Valley: the hidden paradise behind Las Leñas Author: Exequiel Nacevich

It is literally a beautiful valley. Lagoon, hot springs and rivers adorn the...

Esquel-Mirador1 You must visit the Patagonian Trails in Esquel Author: Miguel Cabrera

The sunny days invite hiking on peri-urban trails in Esquel, northwest of Chu...

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Vanesa-Fundaró0 Vane, the unseer woman who came to the top Author: Bianca Ruggia

A story that shows us that the essentials are invisible to the eyes. The stor...

mochileros-argentina 5 tips for backpacking around Patagonia Author: Laura Exposito

Traveling backpacking in Patagonia is a unique experience. Today we share 5 t...

_Champaquí-2 The peaceful destination you will love: Villa de Las Rosas Author: Bianca Ruggia

This destination at the foot of the Champaquí has the aroma of roses, rivers,...

Astroturismo Los Bolillos Have you heard of Astrotourism? Author: Laura Exposito

More than 400 fans made astrotourism in the north of Neuquén this year. We'll...

Río Negro
patagonia-corredor-de-los-andes The Corridor of the Andes, a must-see route for 2020 Author: Miguel Cabrera

Two Rionegrin towns and nine Chubutenses gave life to the Corridor de Los And...

Río Negro
App-Bariloche Bariloche has an app for trekking lovers Author: Laura Exposito

The platform has information on 62 trails and 450 kilometers of trekking trai...

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