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Tomaticán Tomaticán: the flagship dish of San Juan Author: Leopoldo Silva

Very popular in summer, although it is allowed to eat in all climates, tomati...

Mandarina Invierno y mandarinas bajo el sol Author: Leopoldo Silva

La costumbre tucumana encuentra su lugar en las estaciones frías, pero con so...

Peña-virtual The Peña (virtual) of May 25 Author: Sofi Haller

The Ministry of Culture of the province of Tierra del Fuego spared no resourc...

Fiesta-del-queso El queso tiene su fiesta en los valles tucumanos Author: Leopoldo Silva

Además de ser un manjar del norte, al queso se lo festeja con mucha música y...

Los-de-Unquillo Those of Unquillo, for everyone Author: Bianca Ruggia

A very particular duo that combines folklore with new themes. Unquillo's soun...

Asado al pozo Well roast: what a roast! Author: Bianca Ruggia

The roast is eaten in a thousand ways. Today, we present you a very particula...

Coca Free coca leaf? Author: Leopoldo Silva

This northern tradition, which is preserved very strongly, was the eye of con...

Atahualpa-Yupanqui-ok What's so special about the Tucuman moon? Author: Leopoldo Silva

Immortalized in numerous songs, the Tucuman moon became a national icon. She,...

Ludodidacta A very autochthonous video game Author: Leopoldo Silva

Pumawari Challenge, presented by the Secretariat of Culture of Rioja, is a vi...

Fiestas-argentinas What will happen to all the parties? Author: Julio De Martini

Current circumstances put in suspense the busy agenda of traditional festival...

Andrés Andrés Chazarreta: take the countryside to the city Author: Leopoldo Silva

Andrés Chazarreta was in charge of recording the folklore of northern Argenti...

Salta Do you know what these typical Salta expressions mean? Author: Leopoldo Silva

Do you know the typical expressions that the Salteños use? We tell you about...

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