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Cerro-Aklecoyen 7 Fuegian places that retain their original name Author: Sofi Haller

In the south of our country, we maintain the original name of different geogr...

_canal-del-Beagle Browse the Beagle Author: Sofi Haller

We tell you all about one of the most fascinating tours in Argentina: the nav...

La-noche-más-larga The longest night Author: Sofi Haller

This year, with the quarantine, the drama: the biggest festival in Ushuaia wi...

Patagonia-sendero-del-glaciar 3 best places to travel with teenage children Author: Miguel Cabrera

Argentina Patagonia has thousands of trails hidden in incredible environments...

El-toreno-más-grande The biggest tournament Author: Sofi Haller

On Sunday, May 31, the largest chess tournament in Argentina was played and o...

Peña-virtual The Peña (virtual) of May 25 Author: Sofi Haller

The Ministry of Culture of the province of Tierra del Fuego spared no resourc...

conejo How to eradicate wild rabbits from Fuegian? Author: Laura Exposito

In Ushuaia, they decided to eradicate wild rabbits with phosphine gas and adv...

Agua The Lakooma Author: Sofi Haller

Legend Yagán tells that, in other times, the Lakooma was dedicated to frighte...

Tierra del Fuego Virtual trip to Tierra del Fuego Author: Sofi Haller

You always wanted to go, but you never cheered up? The Fueguino Institute of...

Los fueguinos copan las pistas cibernéticas Fueguinos take over cybernetic clues Author: Sofi Haller

Cyber tracks are successful during the quarantine: they started the Talapinos...

otoño An autumn legend of the end of the world Author: Laura Exposito

“Kamshout and autumn” is the Fuegian legend par excellence. Its history trans...

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