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Daniela-Guerrero3 A selection sanjuanina at the Roller Derby Author: Adrian Farina

Daniela Guerrero, renowned roller hockey champion with Las Águilas, is now pa...

xilografa The xylographer that gives life to a technique of yesteryear Author: Redacción

Luisa Freixas is inspired by her children to give a modern touch to the art o...

Develop system to measure stress in hair samples Author: Redacción

Unlike blood, saliva and urine tests, the technique reflects the stress the p...

We have to give him a hand. Author: Hipolito Azema

Racing and the AFA in general should do something to help Centurión.

The power of Batata Author: Hipolito Azema

How much do sports change as technology changes?

tusam the power of the mind Author: Redacción

Tusam was a unique figure in our country and left his legacy.

Between ponchos and facons Author: Redacción

Then, the duel between gauchos, the visteo, the poncho as a shield, the knife...

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