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ídolo Never want to know your idol too much Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Athletes, actors, singers, musicians or footballers, anyone can become an ido...

Grafic Coronavirus and economics Author: Sebastian Aurucci

More dangerous effects than health. A disease that attacks the heart of the w...

Sobre llovido Over raining, wet! Author: Marcos A Sanchez

As if we do not have enough of our bleak economic landscape, we will have to...

siesta Siesta of Santiago: between health and stigmatization Author: Adrian Farina

Santiagueña siesta is the way to face the unbearable heat of northern Argenti...

Tucumán The Chat of Tucumanos, a space that made history Author: Adrian Farina

It was the most popular instant messaging space in Tucumán. And connected alm...

radiactivo Radioactive danger in Valle Viejo Author: Adrian Farina

The possibility of radioactive danger put Valle Viejo and Catamarca on alert...

El-cuento-del-tío Uncle's Tale Author: Adrian Farina

A wave of scams, known as the “uncle's tale,” whipped Jujuy's adults. They pr...

peluquera-Adriana-Nakatsuka-ppal The Scissors Warrior and Her Solidarity Wigs Author: Adrian Farina

Adriana Nakatsuka fights cancer every day, in a task that turns her into a sc...

guerra-de-botellas A war of bottles scared the devils of carnival Author: Adrian Farina

As the devils descended, as part of the announcement of the arrival of the ca...

Xibi-Xibi Xibi Xibi, the lung of the capital of Jujeña Author: Adrian Farina

Xibi Xibi Park today is the paradise of San Salvador: a river that regained t...

Mendoza When society has something to say Author: Exequiel Nacevich

In Mendoza, an attempt was made to modify a law with high social impact. Soci...

Garganta-del-Diablo The Devil's Throat: Is it Boi, Añá or God's? Author: Adrian Farina

The name of the natural wonder arouses controversy and discussion from time t...

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