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Dar-el-sí-pero-con-barbijo To say yes, but with chin Author: Leopoldo Silva

In Salta they already authorized the marriages. Under strict protocol, couple...

Baradero A sad step back in Baradero Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Due to the detection of two positive COVID-19 cases, Baradero decided to retu...

Cine-auto Are the drive-theaters back in San Juan? Author: Leopoldo Silva

The coronavirus crisis brought many changes, some unthought. Drive-theaters a...

Nacha Nacha helps us sleep Author: Fal Cassinelli

Nacha Guevara is a splendid woman in every sense, despite her age and a life...

Muscari Muscari and his virtual appointments Author: Fal Cassinelli

José María Muscari adopted an ingenious idea to not be alone in quarantine: v...

Medicos May the doctors forgive me Author: Bob Ventura

May the doctors forgive me and God and the Fatherland not sue me. All of them...

Fatima The show of Fátima Florez Author: Fal Cassinelli

Fátima Florez develops a different show every day, where her characters “acco...

Alfano Graciela Alfano recommends virtual sex Author: Fal Cassinelli

Graciela Alfano refers us directly to sex and sensuality. A custom that the b...

Cala Mery del Cerro was mom! Author: Fal Cassinelli

Mery del Cerro and her husband Meme Bouquet were lucky enough to bring to the...

JP Juliet Prandi's children, with Dad Author: Fal Cassinelli

Juliet Prandi decided to send her children to the father, from whom she is se...

Negros Is Dancing 2020 dying? Author: Fal Cassinelli

Will the ultra-thin black memes be at Bailando 2020? Find out about this worl...

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