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As we are
Medicos May the doctors forgive me Author: Bob Ventura

May the doctors forgive me and God and the Fatherland not sue me. All of them...

All environment
Rosario-Sta-fe Rosario opens its access to the river taking care of the environment Author: Pablo Arrizabalaga

Rosario works to comply with its Strategic Plan for Sustainability and Care o...

Business and Enterprises
California-Supermercados “Pilo” Cáceres is the majority partner of California Author: Adrián Farina

The renowned California missionary brand ceases to be a family business and a...

Politics and Economics
Y-por-qué-no And why not? Author: Victoriano Barragan

What do we do wrong to not be one of the best countries to live in the world?...

Politics and Economics
La-Arg-peronista Peronist Argentina Author: Bob Ventura

What we have experienced a thousand and one times and what we can come to liv...

Politics and Economics
Soñando una nueva Argentina Dreaming a new Argentina Author: Bob Ventura

Letter from the Rector of Champagnat College to parents and students, speakin...

cordobazo The 50th anniversary of Cordobazo, the great mobilization that hit the regime of Onganía Author: Paulina

Do you know what happened in the Cordobazo? In May 1969, popular discontent b...

De qué peronismo hablamos What Peronism do we talk about when we talk about Peronism? Author: Bob Ventura

Everyone calls themselves Peronists and I think Perón must be wallowing in th...

Do not ask yourselves what the country will do for you, but what you will do for the country. Author: Bob Ventura

If we don't tidy this up a bit, we'll still be a third world country.

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