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_Termas-de-Río-Hondo The great tourist hub that is projected Author: Leopoldo Silva

Talking about Termas de Río Hondo is talking about a growing city. Sport, hot...

Unse Virtual birthday for the University of Santiago Author: Leopoldo Silva

UNSE celebrates its 47th anniversary. From the University they invited studen...

The worst thing about us
Rompió-cuarentena-para-matar Break quarantine to kill Author: Leopoldo Silva

In the town of Villa Mailín, in Santiago del Estero, a hunter broke the quara...

Stories of people
Brote The Secret of Mount Kent Author: Marcelo Leonardi

The Battle of Mount Kent in Malvinas left something Argentine to life in the...

As we are
siesta Siesta of Santiago: between health and stigmatization Author: Adrián Farina

Santiagueña siesta is the way to face the unbearable heat of northern Argenti...

Carolina-Muñoz-y-Mariela-Guadagnoli- Two teachers who are a pride for our country Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Carolina Muñoz and Mariela Guadagnoli were selected for the Global Teacher Pr...

Stories of people
infieles-coronavirus Love in times of coronavirus Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you the story of the infidel virus: the coronavirus. An episode of lo...

Elisa Pavin The Italian who carries our folklore around the world Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Elisa Pavin is Italian, but fate wanted her to fall in love with one of our m...

Entre Ríos
El-turismo-relax Thermal baths and relaxing tourism Author: Adrián Farina

Complete hotel chains have been installed in the Termas de Río Hondo, which a...

Central-Córdoba Central Córdoba, the first big in the interior Author: Adrián Farina

Central Córdoba is a team in Santiago that today plays the Superliga and was...

Suna Rocha Suna Rocha: the Cordovan who makes the earth vibrate Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you a little about Suna Rocha, the Cordovan woman who roars the earth...

How we talk
Lenguaje norteño The northern language, an indigenous cultural treasure Author: Adrián Farina

The Argentines of the north have a language that for many is different, but i...

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