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San Juan habilitó los espectáculos en comercios gastronómicos Music returns to the province of San Juan Author: Ma Florencia García

Shows and artistic shows were enabled in restaurants and bars in San Juan.

Solidarity fingerprint
San Juan Solidarity in times of pandemic Author: Ma Florencia García

San Juan snacks were assisted with food that was purchased with the proceeds...

Stories of people
Un lavadero solidario en San Juan A solidarity laundry room in San Juan Author: Ma Florencia García

A group of young people from San Juan work hard in a car wash to give a bottl...

Tomaticán Tomaticán: the flagship dish of San Juan Author: Leopoldo Silva

Very popular in summer, although it is allowed to eat in all climates, tomati...

San Juan
El-arte-vivo Living Art Author: Leopoldo Silva

In San Juan, the Franklin Rawson Arts Museum is an important cultural hub. We...

The worst thing about us
Don-Carmelo What's the height of an Environment officer? Author: Leopoldo Silva

In San Juan, police forces found an officer of the Ministry of Environment hu...

Fiu Fiu: interprovincial music Author: Bianca Ruggia

A band that breaks with all genres, to generate one's own. Fiu is interprovin...

San Juan
Parque-nacional Everything you need to know about Ichigualasto Author: Leopoldo Silva

In San Juan there is a place where nature and time have been doing their work...

Cine-auto Are the drive-theaters back in San Juan? Author: Leopoldo Silva

The coronavirus crisis brought many changes, some unthought. Drive-theaters a...

San Juan
San-Juan How to get around San Juan: the city of tourism and sport Author: Leopoldo Silva

A city that surprises everywhere. Up a starry sky, down a land full of flavor...

How we talk
San-juan Do you know what the typical words of San Juan mean? Author: Leopoldo Silva

Idioms, words, all specifically from St. John, which are combined with its ch...

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