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San Juan Province - Argentina
Business and Enterprises
Hijas de Gea Daughters of Gea and those weird new hairstyles... Author: Bianca Ruggia

In San Juan a new way to color our hair with natural and vegan pigments is bo...

San Juan
donde queda angualasto en san san juan These are the treasures of Angualasto Author: Redacción

The Archaeological Village of Angualasto is an oasis full of archaeological t...

San Juan
semana santa en san juan Easter in San Juan Author: Redacción

Wine and gastronomy, tasting and pairings with tipped back to the llama and o...

Urban Legends
la Difunta Correa Argentine legends: the Dead Correa, a Sanjuanina devotion Author: Janette Linares

Deolinda Correa is the protagonist of one of the most narrated legends in our...

fiesta vino Sanjuanina tradition: the Grape and Wine Festival Author: Janette Linares

Caucete celebrates the cultivation of the vine through the Grape and Wine Fes...

How we talk
influencer y palabras The words most used by Sanjuaninos: what do they mean “meek”, “yarco” and “julepe”? Author: Janette Linares

In the province of San Juan, the sayings most used by inhabitants are not the...

News of the Day
villa general san martin 155 years after the founding of Villa General San Martín Author: Redacción

General San Martín or Villa General San Martín is a town in the province of S...

San Juan
que hacer en san juan These are the most attractive proposals San Juan offers in summer Author: Redacción

A province that surprises everywhere. Above, a starry sky; below, a land full...

Stories of people
carlos rodriguez He won the heart of San Juan by selling chipá Author: Florencia Duré

Carlos Rodríguez is 42 years old and is a correntino who, in search of a bett...

Urban Legends
Leyendas argentinas: la Pericana Argentinian Legends: La Pericana Author: Janette Linares

This is one of the urban legends that resonates most in the province of San J...

Stories of people
Alfajores de cidra Cidra alfajores, a very peculiar recipe made in San Juan Author: Ma Florencia García

A woman from Valle Fértil is the creator of a particular food that seeks to p...

La Dehesa La Dehesa, the best-kept treasure in San Juan Author: Ma Florencia García

This is an incredible place that broke the history of the province in two, as...


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