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Calle Solidarity breaks down walls Author: Leopoldo Silva

Carlos Gabriel Gonzalez is a Salteño. A few days ago, when the cold hit the c...

Orquesta-Sinfónica-de-Salta The Symphonic Orchestra of Solidarity Author: Leopoldo Silva

Musicians from the Salta Symphony Orchestra helped, with some of their salari...

Lamenns Is football moving north? Author: Leopoldo Silva

What seemed a strange idea is now taken into account by the Government. Matía...

Dar-el-sí-pero-con-barbijo To say yes, but with chin Author: Leopoldo Silva

In Salta they already authorized the marriages. Under strict protocol, couple...

Recorrido-fotográfico Photographic Tour of the Argentine North: Part Two Author: Leopoldo Silva

After passing through Tafí del Valle and Cafayate, Jujuy is the next destinat...

Recorrido-fotográfico-por-el-Norte-Argentino Photographic tour of the Argentine North: pass and get to know Author: Leopoldo Silva

Photography is to paint with light, that own light that the peoples of the Ar...

Jujuy-para-jujeños Jujuy for Jujeños Author: Leopoldo Silva

The reopening plan, called “Jujuy for Jujeños”, will be a pilot test to give...

oportunidad Transforming the crisis into opportunity Author: Leopoldo Silva

The story of this little girl went viral on the networks because of the way s...

Hotel Termas Hotel Termal de Salta: refuge of great personalities Author: Leopoldo Silva

The Hotel Termal, recently remodeled, awaits tourists arriving in this area o...

Liliana Bellone From Salta to the World Author: Leopoldo Silva

Argentine pride: Liliana Bellone is the winner of the VI International Narrat...

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