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Santa Fe
Il Piccolo Navio Why everyone chooses this restaurant in Rosario Author: Miguel Cabrera

Il Piccolo Navio offers a menu full of typical meals, mostly made of river fi...

Santa Fe
semana santa en rosario Easter in Rosario Author: Redacción

From April 1st to 4th is the Easter holiday and visiting Rosario is a great i...

The worst thing about us
pobreza Santa Fe The harsh current situation of santafesina poverty Author: Julio De Martini

Like the country's average, Rosario and Santa Fe have more than half of their...

Santa Fe
heladerias en rosario A map to discover the capital of artisanal ice cream Author: Redacción

Rosario is the National Capital of Artisan Ice Cream and for many years has b...

Santa Fe
turismo en rosario The tours of “Tourist in my city” began Author: Redacción

Neighbors of Rosario travel their own neighborhoods with tourist eyes.

Urban Legends
Leyenda Santa Fe 4 urban legends of Rosario Author: Julio De Martini

Inexplicable stories, mysteries and frightening episodes of the main city of...

Urban Legends
Palacio Municipal A municipal ghost Author: Julio De Martini

A horror in Rosario: the ghost that harasses the employees of the Municipal P...

Urban Legends
Leyenda Rosario Mystery in Rosario: mandinga bath Author: Julio De Martini

In an intriguing legend, the Rosarinos remember a place where the demon himse...

Santa Fe
que hacer en rosario 4 out of 10 chose Rosario as a destination Author: Redacción

The province of Santa Fe is located in the top ten most visited tourist desti...

Santa Fe
granja de la infancia The inexhaustible supply of rosarine for childhood Author: Julio De Martini

Rosario is one of the Argentinian cities with the most places for children. I...

News of the Day
temperatura máxima rosario Maximum temperature recorded in Rosario Author: Redacción

On January 21, 1943, Rosario recorded the highest temperature in the history...

Santa Fe
que hacer en rosario Rosario was always close Author: Miguel Cabrera

To strengthen the proposals for this season, a program of benefits and promot...


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