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Fogata-San-Juan With the force of fire Author: Gabriela Saavedra

The San Juan Campfire is a celebration that dates back thousands of years and...

Chaku Chaku, a sustainable ancestral tradition Author: Adrian Farina

In Catamarca, the collection of wool to make the most delicate garments is pa...

Rally The Cordovan Rally Author: Bianca Ruggia

Every year, the Cordobes have a ritual that makes the province revolutionize....

De-dónde-sale-el-nombre-bife-de-chorizo Where does the name “sausage steak” come from? Author: Hipolito Azema

Why is it called sausage steak if it has nothing to do with chorizo? So you d...

asado-argentino The roast, a ritual that defines us Author: Hipolito Azema

Why do we like the roast ritual so much? Does it have to do with the food its...

El Hit Masuri Buenos Aires: An ancient Japanese ritual brought together more than 7,000 people to “leave behind the negative” Author: Redacción

Hit Masuri has been held in our country since 2001 and is an adaptation of th...

Argentines around the world
mate Two Argentines will open the world's first “matte bar” in New York Author: Bob Ventura

One of the main barriers to bringing the infusion to the United States is the...

All environment
The power of Mother Earth Author: Gabriela Saavedra

The power of Pachamama is all over us, even when we don't even know it.

Just the Mona Author: Redacción

The Mona found success, but that didn't get him out of his place; he never lo...

Three's a crowd Author: Redacción

Mate is a meeting, but it is also a meeting with oneself.

The thousand faces of the Chori Author: Redacción

Something simple like a chorizo sandwich can be more than that, part of sever...

As we are
Pasta or barbacue? Author: Redacción

It's a real national tragedy that pasta can't be the accompaniment to a barbe...

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