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3-Bol-Ppal 3Bol, a new sport of racket Author: Adrian Farina

3bol is an innovative sports proposal that emerged in Tucumán among paddle pl...

llamando-a-la-fifa Calling FIFA Author: Roberto Morcillo

Calling FIFA is just a humble contribution from someone who plays, looks, get...

A sport that progresses slowly but progresses Author: Hipolito Azema

Although they didn't change so much, the rules of football had their aggiorna...

It was not always played the same Author: Hipolito Azema

Although sometimes it doesn't seem, football evolved over time.

Football also evolves Author: Hipolito Azema

The sport most loved by Argentines was not always played the same. Learn abou...

The sanctions of the ACTC came out Author: Roberto Morcillo

A statement from the Audit Commission was issued containing this week's sanct...

Will hearts hold? Author: Hipolito Azema

Theme of the week: the superfinal.

What did they come out for? Author: tgonzalezbonorino

To know how to play with the rules is also to know how to play.

To err is human Author: Hipolito Azema

What would have happened to The Hand of God with the VAR?

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