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Antonio Carrizo Amadeo Carrizo: farewell to the greatest Author: Roberto Morcillo

Amadeo Carrizo died. The greatest goalkeeper in football history. A big one o...

Guinness-huella-color Argentines in the Guinness Author: Gabriela Saavedra

In our country we love records: these are some of the Argentines who entered...

Fangio Why is July 17 celebrated the day of sports motorsport? Author: Hipolito Azema

July 17 is such an important date for sports motorsport that it even has its...

nuevo-record-atletismo Athletics: new Argentine record in the 100 meters with fences! Author: Bianca Ruggia

Mariam Buenanueva Saleme, from Córdoba, made a 13s81c mark in athletics and k...

Florencia-Palacios Florence Palacios: Guinness player Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Florencia Palacios is an Argentine basketball player who entered the Guinness...

Un-maratón-teñido-de-éxito A marathon dyed with success Author: Roberto Morcillo

While he entered sixth only 6 seconds from the winner, Joaquín Arbe can say t...

Emilio Satriano Emilio Satriano Author: Roberto Morcillo

Satriano is one of Chevrolet's historic standard-bearers. Place it occupies a...

Fangio “The Fivefold” Author: Roberto Morcillo

No one will be able to achieve what “The Fivefold” achieved, because of the t...

Medallas para la nadadora Medals for the swimmer Pignatiello Author: Roberto Morcillo

The swimmer won the SILVER medal in the 800m and 400m Libre, both brand A for...

SABIAS QUE... (RUBIA) tango a mayor altura You knew that? Author: Redacción

Curiosities about Argentina

Messi 600 Messi reached 600 goals in Barcelona Author: Roberto Morcillo

He scored the impressive figure on the same day that marks the 14th anniversa...

Open Loterias Caixa Daniela Giménez, great winner in San Pablo! Author: Roberto Morcillo

He won no less than 5 gold medals in the S9.

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