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PORTADA  HISTORIA (20) La poderosa Logia Lautaro Author: Sergio Prudencstein

San Martín fundó en Buenos Aires un grupo secreto. ¿Por qué? ¿Cuáles fueron s...

PORTADA  HISTORIA (19) The complex task of arming the First Patriotic Government Author: Sergio Prudencstein

Countless ideas crossed the thinking of revolutionaries in May 1810. But desp...

HISTORIA 18 The Priest of May 25 Author: Sergio Prudencstein

Cornelius Saavedra asked that a priest be part of the First Board. However, f...

Historia 17 Martín Rodríguez, the man the First Board rejected Author: Sergio Prudencstein

Our country suffered a military coup a year after the formation of the First...

mariano moreno The Board's instructions to Moreno are already part of the universal memory Author: Gabriela Saavedra

UNESCO included the document in the “acquis of universal collective memory”.

PORTADA HISTORIA16 The dark world of Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros Author: Sergio Prudencstein

We have always referred to him as Viceroy Cisneros. A coward. A puppet of Spa...

Not even for the May Revolution did we reach an agreement Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Maybe what they tell us about the May Revolution... it wasn't like that.

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