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Tucuman research recognized as the best in Latin America Author: Ma Florencia García

This is a research work by Martín Arrieguez, who presented his doctoral thesi...

Flor de la Quebrada por Micaela Chauque - Video Clip 2018 ESTRENO! ( Quenacho, zampoña, siku) Telling down walls Author: Leopoldo Silva

Micaela Chauque is the first woman authorized to play an “exclusive” instrume...

Taekwodo Uco Valley: Cradle of Taekwondo Author: Exequiel Nacevich

A sport of little diffusion, but with showcases overflowing with trophies. Th...

Art and Literature
Eugenia-Almeida All collectives take to Almeida Author: Bianca Ruggia

Eugenia Almeida is a Cordoba writer who immerses us in hybrid adventures, mix...

concurso My first song Author: Exequiel Nacevich

The fifth edition of the talent search contest in Mendoza was presented. The...

Art and Literature
Devoto Devotee of Art Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you the story of Alberto Gastaldi, a renowned painter, born in Devoto...

Mejor-actriz Best Argentine Actress Author: Fal Cassinelli

Everything he does is wonderful. And it's credible in all genres. In addition...

The worst thing about us
El-cuento-del-tío Uncle's Tale Author: Adrián Farina

A wave of scams, known as the “uncle's tale,” whipped Jujuy's adults. They pr...

Festival-Regional-del-Pejerrey A festival that breaks it Author: Bianca Ruggia

We tell you all about the Pejerrey Regional Festival, which takes place in Cr...

Aníbal-Sánchez Aníbal Sánchez, the hero of Entrerrian basketball Author: Adrián Farina

Aníbal Sánchez, the hero of Entrerrian basketball, changed the history of the...

Business and Enterprises
Premios-KENT UNCuyo awarded leading companies, organizations and academics Author: Exequiel Nacevich

The UNCuyo Foundation recognized companies with the “Gustavo Kent” distinctio...

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