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Cinco posadas románticas para disfrutar en pareja 5 hotels to recover romanticism Author: Miguel Cabrera

Life as a couple has swings and much more in the 24/7 that put us the pandemi...

Urban Legends
Historias de terror The ghost woman of the old Madariaga de Posadas Hospital Author: Florencia Duré

A year ago, the missionary nosocomio was the target of debate with the video...

News of the Day
Posadas Misiones 150th anniversary of the founding of Posadas Author: María José Eleicegui

The city of Posadas celebrates 150 years since its foundation. A place full o...

Posadas Misiones Posadas wasn't always in Misiones Author: Florencia Duré

Did you know that Posadas previously belonged to another Argentine province?...

paseos en posadas What are the recommended walks in Posadas? Author: Miguel Cabrera

Posadas is an excellent destination to visit on your next holiday. We recomme...

 Parque del Conocimiento de la ciudad de Posadas The autoreci and the metamorphosis of music in pandemic Author: Florencia Duré

The Parque del Conocimiento in the city of Posadas (Misiones) gave music love...

 Parque del Conocimiento Are you looking to stimulate your brain? Go to the Knowledge Park Author: Florencia Duré

The Knowledge Park is one of the largest cultural centers in the country. His...

El club que puso a Misiones en la mira nacional The club that put Misiones in the national spotlight Author: Florencia Duré

Founded by a group of young people, this club in the city of Posadas breathes...

Ciudad de Posadas panorámica How to tour the city of Posadas? Author: Marcelo De Lisio

We tell you all the ways to explore the city of Posadas, in Misiones, so you...

Observatorio del Parque del Conocimiento The Knowledge Park Author: Marcelo De Lisio

The Knowledge Park is a cultural center in the city of Posadas, capital of th...

Art and Literature
Y el Récord Guinness para... And the Guinness Record for... Author: Marcelo De Lisio

This province is the brand new winner of the Guinness Record for the World's...

turista sentada en la calle How to get to Posadas? Author: Marcelo De Lisio

We tell you all the options you have to visit the city of Posadas, capital of...


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