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Control Entre Ríos launches a patent reader system Author: Adrian Farina

The Entrerriano patent reader is an ally for the police and all the security...

mate-cosido Mate Stitched: neither Gendarmerie could with him Author: Adrian Farina

A Tucuman criminal who terrorized the multinationals in the north and couldn'...

bazan Bazán Frías: criminal, vigilante or saint? Author: Adrian Farina

Bazán Frías an icon of the police stories of Tucumán, an individual who obscu...

La-importancia-de-cuidar-la-vida-humana The importance of caring for human life Author: Hipolito Azema

Let us not wait to lose it in order to value human life, especially that of t...

Cayetano-Domingo-Grossi The first Argentine serial killer Author: Hipolito Azema

Get to know the story of Cayetano Domingo Grossi, the first Argentine serial...

robledo-puch Robledo Puch: the biggest serial killer in the country Author: Hipolito Azema

Robledo Puch: the “Black Angel” who had already committed 11 homicides under...

Pilaga The first crime against humanity Author: Bob Ventura

The first crime against humanity in Argentine history was executed in the fir...

Amistades que matan Friendships that kill Author: Bob Ventura

Friendships are sometimes complex...

Los cowboys terminaron a los tiros The cowboys finished shooting. Author: Bob Ventura

They stole cowboy hats and unleashed a couple of shootings. A movie theft, wh...

Un argentino envuelto en el robo de La gioconda An Argentine involved in the theft of “La gioconda” Author: Bob Ventura

The nasty little creole is not new. There's a reason we carry it in our genes...

Luis gordo Valor “The Fat” Courage: hero among thieves Author: Bob Ventura

The assailant, with a life worthy of a film, narrates it in a book.

Un convento y guita A convent and a twine. I've seen this movie... Author: Bob Ventura

What was in the convent that they had to look for him so much?

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