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Art and Literature
Poeta The cursed artist Author: Bianca Ruggia

Romilio Ribero was the “cursed artist” who left marks in the history of Capil...

Art and Literature
Eugenia-Almeida All collectives lead to Almeida Author: Bianca Ruggia

Eugenia Almeida is a Cordovan writer who immerses us in hybrid adventures, mi...

tratamiento-médico-del-poeta-Horacio-Bascuñán Poetry to the virtual hat Author: Sofi Haller

Artists and poets from Neuquén raised their voices in solidarity to raise fun...

Art and Literature
Literatura Entrerrians committed to regional literature Author: Adrian Farina

Entrerrian feminine literature had its distinction in that province, in an ev...

Stories of people
poesia-viva Living Poetry: Belu Rossi Author: Bianca Ruggia

24 years of poetry and love. Belu Rossi is a young woman from Cordoba who sha...

Art and Literature
Niña-poeta Poet girl: at 11 years old he presented his book Author: Adrian Farina

Jazmín Samaniego has published his first book of poetry. The girl poet is the...

Eisteddfod Eisteddfod, only for connoisseurs Author: Laura Exposito

The word Eisteddfod has a Welsh flag, but Patagonian heart. We tell you what...

Art and Literature
martin-fierro Five key stanzas of Martín Fierro Author: Hipolito Azema

Martín Fierro is a book that does not need introduction: we all know what it...

martin-fierro The Martin Fierro: National Poem Author: Hipolito Azema

We all know him, but what exactly do we know about Martin Fierro? Why was pol...

Argentines around the world
Sara The Argentine poet Sara Rosenberg won the IV SxS Machado Poetic Residency Scholarship Author: Paulina

Sara Rosenberg has been chosen for her project “Journey and Conversation with...

Art and Literature
oliverio_girondo 7 ingenious poems by Oliverio Girondo Author: Redacción

We pay tribute to the writer in the best way: reading his poems.

Contemporary Poetry Volume V Author: Hipolito Azema

A new installment of the literary analysis of the best productions of the fan...

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