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Vermut Shall we have a vermouth? Author: Julio De Martini

Vermouth is that appetizer that serves as an excuse to bring out topics of co...

Picada-Santa-Fe The authentic minced santafesina Author: Julio De Martini

I don't know if we invented it, but that the minced santafesina has specific...

Salmon croquettes Author: @escritoraderecetas

A special recipe to take away or offer without falling into the typical and k...

Health and Esthetics
The taste of the encounter: what do we do? Roast! Author: Lic Liliana Almeida

Asado: one of the true Argentine customs, one of the most popular meals in ou...

Hummus of orange or turkish lentils Author: @escritoraderecetas

Another option of hummus to accompany the Argentine barbecue.

Hummus Author: @escritoraderecetas

A simple recipe to add an option to the chops.

As we are
The little bite Author: Redacción

If I were given the choice of my favorite food, I would most likely respond "...

As we are
Taking your time Author: Redacción

Why is it that our daily routines drag on and cause dinner to be more delayed...

As we are
A little bite to start with Author: Redacción

A cheese, a salami. Some bread. Some potato chips. A little peanut. What's wi...

As we are
Just any Sunday. Author: Redacción

Sunday with the family is a tradition of ours, which has remained unchanged...

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