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Argentines around the world
Gastón Flageat Thailand, love and pickled eggplants Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Gastón Flageat is an industrial engineer who was stranded by the pandemic in...

aljibes  Time of reservoirs Author: Julio De Martini

From the old Santa Fe, we remember the cisterns, wells, buckets, water racks...

Stories of people
Puerto Gaboto Puerto Gaboto and a huge solidarity gesture Author: Julio De Martini

In the historic Puerto Gaboto, an act of solidarity undressed shortcomings in...

Anibal Pachano Happy birthday, Pachano! Author: Julio De Martini

Today celebrates Aníbal Pachano, the ever-controversial TV character who was...

Stories of people
Viktor Melnyk A Ukrainian, protagonist of an incredible love story Author: Julio De Martini

Viktor is a Ukrainian businessman who made news when he was found in the trun...

As we are
Mujer Tired of resisting, but never being a woman Author: Florencia Duré

A new March 8 that comes to remove the viscera and rethink the established. T...

Stories of people
Río Negro Another chata that is banking along the roads of Patagonia Author: Octavio Del Real

Rionegrina veterinarian Verónica Herrmann runs the roads in her father's vans...

Stories of people
 La Trochita 4 generations in La Trochita Author: Octavio Del Real

La Trochita, the old Patagonian Express, has a family history that takes four...

Stories of people
 Club Jorge Newbery Facundo, the Newbery fan who is always present Author: Octavio Del Real

Facundo Rodrigues is a fan fan of Club Jorge Newbery in Comodoro Rivadavia.

Stories of people
Eduardo Bernal Eduardo Bernal: comodorense tradition made person Author: Octavio Del Real

Eduardo Bernal has been part of the sports and teaching tradition of Comodoro...

As we are
tripulantes del ARA San Juan Swim along the Santa Cruz River, to honor the crew members of ARA San Juan Author: Octavio Del Real

Four swimmers decided to homeage the crew members of ARA San Juan along the S...

How we talk
nombre de calles Street names do not exist Author: Octavio Del Real

Who, in a small town, knows the names of every street?


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