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volcanes en la patagonia Neuquine volcanoes, second part Author: Juan Gabriel López

We tell you the neuquine volcanoes that break records.

How we talk
las bardas What do the Patagonians mean by “the bardas”? Author: Octavio Del Real

If a Patagonian invites you to go to “las bardas”, get ready to climb a littl...

raybet Raybet, a changing and transparent musician Author: Octavio Del Real

Born in Comodoro Rivadavia and based in La Plata, Raybet offers an interestin...

Urban Legends
la bandolera 2 The English crossbody bag that traveled Patagonia, part II Author: Octavio Del Real

The second part of Ellen Greenhil Blaker's story.

Urban Legends
la bandolera The English crossbody bag that traveled Patagonia, part I Author: Octavio Del Real

Elen Greenhill Blaker was born in England, married in Chile, but in Patagonia...

Alfredo Viterbori Alfredo Viterbori and the National Territory of Río Negro Author: Octavio Del Real

Alfredo Viterbori was governor of the then National Territory of Río Negro be...

hoya La Hoya and its first means of lifting Author: Octavio Del Real

At the end of the 60s, Esquel began the dream that started the La Hoya Mounta...

Stories of people
Santiago Artemis Meet the most renowned apparel designer in Patagonia Author: Juan Gabriel López

From Patagonia to the world, Santiago Artemis's life, his achievements and hi...

Primer gol de Maradona Patagonia, the land where Maradona made his first goal with Argentina Author: Octavio Del Real

Did you know that Diego Maradona's first goal with Argentina's jersey was in...

Urban Legends
Neuquén Hitler Hitler's house, one of Neuquén's most curious urban stories Author: Juan Gabriel López

For fans of history and for those who doubt it, we present the legend of Hitl...

As we are
Ushuaia veredas Hot sidewalks: settled controversy, for now... Author: Juan Gabriel López

We remember the conflict unleashed by the sidewalks of Ushuaia.

PAZ: Modernidad ancestral PEACE: Ancestral Modernity Author: Octavio Del Real

PAZ mixes its Mapuche roots with modern rhythms


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