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Ser argentino Ser Argentino, on Paraná TV Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Our correspondent Flor Duré participated in the news in his city to talk abou...

Virgen del Rosario What is the story behind the Day of Our Lady of the Rosary? Author: Florencia Duré

The Virgin of the Rosary is an invocation of Mary venerated by the Catholic C...

Urban Legends
Paraná Historias de terror The paranormal antenna was turned on Author: Florencia Duré

Call the production of “paranormal activity”, because Parana has several anec...

 contrafestejo de Paraná Of counterbalance, drums and resistance Author: Florencia Duré

The Paraná counterfeste is an event that was born to react to the formerly kn...

Entre Ríos
turismo religoso parana A circuit of faith in Paraná Author: Miguel Cabrera

Paraná has a religious tourism circuit that deserves to be visited. It includ...

Argentines around the world
Motociclista Piloting it through Uruguay Author: Florencia Duré

Mateo Bearzi is a renowned Parana Motocross rider. This year he had to make t...

Entre Ríos
Río Paraná Chapter One: Five natural walks to do in Paraná for a paranaense Author: Florencia Duré

Today we are going to take an express tour of Paraná in charge of a real loca...

 Paraná Patio Sirirí Climb the robot and conquer the world... or Parana Author: Florencia Duré

The Paranaenses grew up playing in the robot of the Sirirí Duckling to the po...

Stories of people
Las azaleas florecen y el amor crece Azaleas bloom and love grows Author: Florencia Duré

Piqui and Chiche are a couple of older adults who have in their yard “the lar...

Stories of people
Luciano Valentín Luciano's toys and his idea of half a century Author: Florencia Duré

Did you know that in Entre Ríos there are frozen toys that can reach up to 11...

Poder femenino paranaense en la AFA Women's power in the AFA Author: Florencia Duré

Cristina Bescos is the protesor of Club Atlético Paraná and was elected to ho...

Art and Literature
Una vida dedicada a las palabras A life dedicated to words Author: Florencia Duré

Agustín Vallejo is a young writer from Paraná (Entre Ríos) who always has som...

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