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Mejor-actriz The best argentinian actress Author: Fal Cassinelli

Everything he does is wonderful. And it's credible in all genders. In additio...

Eduardo Sacheri The great disjunctive of Sacheri Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Eduardo Sacheri, the writer and co-writer of “El secreto de sus ojos”, reveal...

As we are
tango Spanish Author: Gabriela Saavedra

A detail of the Oscars show a confusion that often happens to those who speak...

Argentines around the world
Juan Diego Botto Actor Argentinean-Spanish Juan Diego Botto, invited to join the Academy Author: Paulina

Argentinean-Spanish actor Juan Diego Botto is among the 842 personalities inv...

Oscar 2019 Oscar 2019: a night for all tastes Author: Fabián Albinati

I revived all the emotions left by the most important film event in the world...

Art and Literature
Entrevista Fernando Entín - Locos por el campo - Ser Argentino Interview with Fernando Entin Author: Redacción

With unimaginable generosity Fernando welcomed us at his Elsi del Río Art Gal...

Armando Bo, movie animal. Author: Fabián Albinati

Armandito Bo (the diminutive is only to differentiate him from his grandfathe...

campanella Juan José knew what to do with Walter Author: Fabián Albinati

Campanella is perhaps one of the best national authors (because at this point...


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