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chila1 Gastronomic rebels of the Buenos Aires menu Author: Redacción

Four personalities from Buenos Aires propose a new way to captivate the world...

Stories of people
valentin-lepi The young Frenchman who lights the oldest oven in the city Author: Redacción

Valentín Papin came from Brittany to work with a century-old oven in Villa Or...

Argentines around the world
Jesumiel Barra An Argentine who makes a difference in India Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Get to know the story of Jesumiel Barra, who arrived from San Fernando (Bueno...

More than 600 people learned trades at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata Author: Paulina

At the School of Crafts it is not exclusive to have secondary education.

La-Vanguardia Attention! It's out the evening! Author: CarlosAraujo

The afternoon newspaper, one of the most beloved characters in that Buenos Ai...

The polishing room Author: CarlosAraujo

A craft on the verge of extinction.

The sweeper Author: CarlosAraujo

How was the work of the sweepers of Buenos Aires yesterday?

kneading shoes Author: CarlosAraujo

These were people who were wearing one or two more shoes than they were softe...

The paperboy Author: Hipolito Azema

The paperboy, is a guy who at 4 AM is outdoors or in the kiosk waiting for th...

As we are
Our taxi drivers Author: Redacción

There are taxi-drivers in every city in the world, but in Buenos Aires the ta...

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