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CARLOS SAÚL MENEM Argentine Presidents - Carlos Saúl Menem - II (1995-1999) Author: Redacción

Born in Anillaco, La Rioja, on July 2, 1930.

CARLOS SAÚL MENEM 1 Argentine Presidents - Carlos Saúl Menem - I (1990-1995) Author: Redacción

Born in Anillaco, La Rioja, on July 2, 1930.

Editorial 22.07 Betrayal of the Fatherland Author: Bob Ventura

Treason of the Fatherland is criminalized in the Criminal Code. I think his p...

Niña conduciendo We're from kindergarten Author: Bob Ventura

The President of the Nation makes a tremendous complaint, but we look at the...

It's not funny to suffer bipolarity Author: Bob Ventura

We suffer bipolarity. And it's not funny. We have a cure, but it will be long...

De qué peronismo hablamos What Peronism do we talk about when we talk about Peronism? Author: Bob Ventura

Everyone calls themselves Peronists and I think Perón must be wallowing in th...

Memoria It wasn't 30,000. Author: Bob Ventura

On the Day of Remembrance we tried to review with absolute objectivity and sh...

Enforce the law is for giles Author: Bob Ventura

We walk the ledge of the illegal and fall down all the time. Compliance with...

What the fuck are we complaining about? Author: Bob Ventura

Do you get angry because you have to drink Coto Cola instead of Coca Cola?

The cow does not give milk Author: Bob Ventura

How can it be that, coming from immigrants who came in search of a way out of...

I didn't vote for him. Author: Redacción

The "I didn't vote for him" is a catchphrase that has been with us since the...

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