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Las Andanas Creative Ideas Author: Darío Le Bihan

The nineteenth century has the fundamental characteristic of being a period o...

Barberis Images that exceed temporality Author: Darío Le Bihan

A wine named in honor of the father of the current owner of Bodega Barberis

Canyengue An informal identity Author: Darío Le Bihan

This Canyengue is not characterized by improvisation, but it does lack the co...

Tempus Dawn collections and unique perceptions of the character of wine and its expression throughout the land Author: Darío Le Bihan

Tempus Alba is a family winery, attended by its owners, with 5 generations in...

Solocontigo The lines of seduction Author: Darío Le Bihan

Affaire brings together a careful selection of grapes from Chacayes vineyards...

Profetas Prophets from other lands Author: Darío Le Bihan

The Battilana brothers own “Viña del Plata” in Tunuyán, Mendoza. There was bo...

Vino Cobos A wine of 100 points Author: Exequiel Nacevich

Andrés Vignoni works in Viña Cobos winery and was distinguished as a young wi...

Felipe Staiti Euforia 2 “Wine is like a friend, and for it to be, it must be simple” Author: Darío Le Bihan

At the age of 9, he did not imagine that his future would hold him to become...

Combi-completa Argenta combination: patties and wine Author: Exequiel Nacevich

One, more Mendoza than the other. The empanadas have their cuyana version, wh...

Peras Let's get the pears drunk Author: Exequiel Nacevich

A classic Mendoza dessert. Combines the best of our production: grapes and pe...

ciro-tinto Friends, wine and rock Author: Darío Le Bihan

A path that began with a friendship and a tribute, tells us a story in which...

abremundos-vino Musical octaves Author: Darío Le Bihan

Pedro Aznar, Argentine bassist and composer renowned in the world, refers to...

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