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Adrián Rojas Solidarity in Argentina in Madrid Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Adrián Rojas is an Argentine chef who lives in Spain for 10 years. During qua...

Mara Coria Cordoban and heroine of the world Author: Bianca Ruggia

A doctor trained in Cordoba, saves lives in Spain. We tell you the story of t...

Fernando-Otero Homeless to Businessman Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Fernando Otero went from living a well-off life to staying on the street. We...

Ant-berni Antonio Berni, the artist of all Argentines Author: Hipolito Azema

In 1905, in the beautiful city of Rosario, he was born who would become one o...

Se-puede-hacer-el-buen-camino You can do the Good Way without T.A.C.C?? Author: Lic Liliana Almeida

I will tell you how we can survive this beautiful experience of Santiago de C...

Un secuestrado en Madrid A kidnapped in Madrid Author: Bob Ventura

Juan Machinandiarena, an Argentine businessman, was kidnapped and released a...

Un argentino modelo An Argentine model of work and effort Author: Gabriela Saavedra

An award for Argentines abroad was launched at the Argentine Embassy in Spain...

One crack pays tribute to another crack Author: lansaldo

Andrés Mariani, Ser Argentino's art ambassador, met with football cracker, co...

Argentinos por el mundo - Esteban Minoyetti Author: Redacción

"Argentina remains a place of opportunity"

The great Pedro Leopoldo Carrera Author: CarlosAraujo

An extraordinary Argentine billiards player, he won the title on 31 occasions...

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