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As we are
Medicos May the doctors forgive me Author: Bob Ventura

May the doctors forgive me and God and the Fatherland not sue me. All of them...

As we are
Tupper Did you bring me the tupper? Author: Gabriela Saavedra

What's wrong with our mothers who always ask us for the tupper? An inexplicab...

Quién-les-enseña-a-los-maestros Who teaches teachers? Author: Bob Ventura

Teachers have arrogated themselves to the power to educate the boys. But that...

The worst thing about us
Madres de la Plaza Mothers of the Square, the village embraces them Author: Hipolito Azema

What would the daily dictatorship have been like if there were social network...

Health and Esthetics
The importance of breastfeeding Author: Lic Liliana Almeida

Breastfeeding creates strong bonds of love that will protect the baby physica...

Health and Esthetics
Abortion: legal or illegal? Author: Dra L Di Blasio

I just want to tell you from the angle of my profession that illegal abortio...

How we talk
119841196 Behave yourself. Author: Redacción

"Behave yourself." Grandmothers and mothers have used this sign for decades t...

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