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Tito-Luna-Park The soul of Luna Park Author: Gabriela Saavedra

Tito Lectoure was the man who took the mythical boxing stadium to its most sp...

Potro 10 facts you didn't know about El Potro Author: Bianca Ruggia

On such a day as today, one of the quartet's references was born at the natio...

damian-córdoba1 A Catamarca quarteter in Luna Park Author: Adrián Farina

Damián Córdoba, the catamarca quarteter who shone in Villa María, Córdoba, co...

basquet-tucumano The Renaissance of Tucuman Basketball Author: Adrián Farina

Tucuman basketball is experiencing a renaissance, with the longing to be that...

sole-cantando-con-poncho-y-sombrero Soledad Pastorutti: the woman who reinvented national folklore Author: Pablo Arrizabalaga

Soledad Pastorutti, a woman from Santa Fe who once again brought many young p...

ringo-bonavena Oh, Ringo Author: Roberto Morcillo

The legend is so big, it's enough to say Ringo to know who we're talking abou...

Nicolino Locche “The Untouchable” Author: Roberto Morcillo

I was lucky enough to see him boxing. It was unique. To this day, it remains...

Parejas campeonas en tango Champion couples in tango! Author: Bob Ventura

The World Cup ended and several Argentine couples won in the different dance...

Los seis dias en Buenos Aires The Six Days in Buenos Aires Author: Araujo Carlos

A track of 1145 meters traveled for six consecutive days, without interruptio...

Andrés-Selpa You want to see Lausse die? Go to Luna Park! Author: Roberto Morcillo

The ancestor of Ringo Bonavena and Muhammad Ali

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