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As we are
Parlamento In Posadas, women have a voice and vote Author: Marcelo De Lisio

In the missionary capital, women have their Women's Parliament. We'll tell yo...

Cascini Raúl Cascini and another expulsion Author: Roberto Morcillo

Raúl Cascini had an unfortunate turnout that aroused the anger of much of the...

Politics and Economics
Juiciosss The crown judgments Author: Marcos A Sanchez

The crown trial or post-coronavirus trials will inevitably be thousands and i...

As we are
Mendoza When society has something to say Author: Exequiel Nacevich

In Mendoza, an attempt was made to modify a law with high social impact. Soci...

All environment
puma-en-peligro-de-extincion Between Ríos and illegal hunting Author: Adrian Farina

Illegal hunting in Entre Ríos puts the existence of a cougar at risk. The gov...

No-entendimos-nada We didn't understand anything. Author: Bob Ventura

We didn't understand anything about coexistence and its basic rules. Like res...

As we are
semaforo Let's respect the traffic light. Author: Hipolito Azema

If we don't respect the traffic light, we put everyone's lives at risk. Why t...

As we are
la-ley What do we do with the law? Author: Hipolito Azema

Do we always have to abide by the law? If it's unfair or inefficient, could w...

Health and Esthetics
muerte-digna Death dignified: Argentine law “is ambiguous” and “incomplete”, say doctors and lawyers Author: Redacción

The law states that when a patient suffers from an “irreversible, incurable o...

cárceles What do we want prisons for? Author: Bob Ventura

Prisons are necessary, unfortunately. But as they are today, they are useless...

maltrato-animal Protection associations described the new legislation on animal abuse as insufficient Author: Redacción

While considering that this is a step forward, the entities point out that “m...

Politics and Economics
Elecciones This Sunday begins the electoral audiovisual advertising for the PASs Author: Redacción

It will be extended until the beginning of the closed order on August 9, two...

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